(Retreat for Teens and their Parents in Malayalam)

Every family resembles the Holy Family. In this way, all of us are required to lead a life pleasing to each other to fulfil the desire and motto of our Saviour, Jesus Christ. For this, a better understanding and warm relationship among the family members are essential. In order to boost the role and responsibility of each member of a family, be it the father or the son, a common forum would be a desideratum, which can provide enough opportunities to share and hear the sorrows, stress and opinions of all members of the family. Moreover, this would help to bridge the gap between parent-child, husband-wife relationships, if there are any. This is the motive behind family retreat. Br. Santhosh Thomas is the chief programme co-ordinator of Christeen Family retreats.


Upcoming Christeen & Family Retreats - 2017:

1. October 13-15

2. November 10-12


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